Wireless Microphones


The wireless transmitter fits comfortably on a belt with a large belt clip or sits in the palm of your hand.  

Often a mute switch will create a slight feedback. This is detrimental to speech recognition because it may add extraneous words. The mute switch worked flawlessly.

Dictation on our test paragraph was 100%. We even walked it out past the 150 foot advertised range while dictating. The system easily rejected all background noise with each of the headsets featured above. The Orbiter worked flawlessly and reliably as a wireless speech recognition headset. We consider the unit to be well worth its price for anyone wanting the best computer dictation solution.

The  noise canceling and performance as a wireless microphone is unsurpassed. It has 40 channel protocol, technologically advanced microphones, and 12 hour continuous talk time capability. The base unit includes a spare battery and charger. The base unit has a one-year warranty, headsets have a two year warranty. These features make this a must have system for users who need optimum accuracy and flawless performance with wireless speech recognition.